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A Smoker’s Rant

I smoke.  I know…it’s bad for my health.  I’ve heard it before, and I’m sure I’ll hear it again.  Hell, it’s written right on the side of my pack of smokes, and I can read the warnings all I want.  But guess what…I LIKE smoking.

I don’t smoke inside my house or inside buildings.  I don’t smoke around my daughter.  I stand away from doors and windows of public buildings, and I try to be inobtrusive with my filthy habit.

So do non-smokers really need to tell me how bad it is for me?  Do you REALLY think I don’t know that?  Better yet…do you REALLY think I give a shit how YOU feel about MY habit? 

I don’t.  So stop telling me.

Does my smoking outdoors offend you so much that you must go out of your way to mention it?  Does it smell so bad that you must come closer to me in order to mention it?  If I’m walking down the street, do you really need to protect your children from the evil, bad guy smoking a cigarrette?

Listen…I don’t force you to smoke, so stop trying to force me to quit.  I go out of my way to avoid poisoning YOU with MY bad habit, so don’t walk up to me and get close to me to bitch about it.  That doesn’t make any damn sense.

As of right now…smoking is not a crime.  I know some of you think it should be…but it isn’t.  So leave me alone.  Let me stand in my cold corner, puffing on a smoke, freezing my fingers for a 5 minute break.  Let me inhale deeply, and feel the acrid sting of the smoke as it fills my lungs.  Let me feel the poisonous toxins of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide as they course through my veins, enhancing my addiction, and slowly, but ever so surely, killing me.

What do you care?  They are my lungs and my veins so really…what do you care?

Mind your business.  I’ve heard it all, and frankly, if I don’t know your name and where you live…I don’t care how you feel.  So just mind your business…

Somebody once said to me, “Didn’t your mom ever tell you smoking was bad for your health?”  Well…yes…she did.  She told me something else, too…”Mind yer business”.  Try it sometime…


One response

  1. Love, love this post! I can totally relate. Also like your blog a lot. Hope the move works out for you.

    June 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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