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Fun with Filters

I did this as an experiment yesterday evening.  There was a nice sunset going on, and since I was unable to get to a decent location for landscape photos, I decided to experiment with on-camera filters and color.

The following 4 photos are all of the same scene, taken as 4 seperate exposures, and processed to the same degree.  I looked at each picture as it’s own entitiy, and processed them as individual images for high quality.  The results are pretty interesting…

Unfiltered Image

Unfiltered Image

This first shot is “as-is”.  I used no enhancing filters on the camera.  The only filter in place was a protective UV filter, which is always on my camera…simply to protect the lens…it offers no enhancement or color value changes.

Graduated Warming Filter

Graduated Warming Filter

This second image uses an on-camera graduated warming filter.  It is wine-colored at the top of the filter, and clear at the bottom.  This filter increases depth of color, adds warmth, and increases depth of texture in the clouds.

Graduated Neutral Density + Monotone

Graduated Neutral Density + Monotone

Unfiltered Monotone

Unfiltered Monotone

These final images show an on-camera Graduated Neutral Density Filter and a monotone setting on the camera, compared to an unfiltered monotone image.  This filter decreases the amount of light that enters the top half of the lens.  Like the Graduated Warming Filter, the bottom half of the filter is clear.  As you can see, this greatly increases the depth and texture to the clouds.  The monotone setting eliminates color, obviously, and the GND filter decreases the exposure value for the top half of the image, which creates a tremendous amount of depth and texture to the sky and clouds.

In essence, the on-camera flters took an already pretty sunset, and gave me the ability to “transform” the sunset into a deeper, richer, and more aesthetically pleasing photo.

I hope to be doing a few more of these experiements with on-camera filters in the future.  I want to get a few more filters, of different varieties, and compare images to see for myself, and to show you, my “audience”, what these filters are capable of doing for your(and my) images.

Thanks for taking the time to look, and as always…comments, critiques and opinions are always apperciated!


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  1. Very good post. Thanks for the hard work.

    April 22, 2009 at 7:03 am

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