Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Must’a Been Fate

I went outside for a smoke a little while ago, and the sun was just going down.  For whatever reason, I grabbed my camera, even though there are no good landscape or sunset opportunities around my house.  Plus…I didn’t grab the tripod, so whatever I took would have to be with a flash.  But…I did see those creepy bugs last night, so…what the hell, right?

It was fate.  I know it was…


 I’ve tried to catch hummingbirds in flight many, many times.  Everytime, they have either darted off when I got within “range”, or the photos are not quite as sharp as I’d like.


I heard this odd buzzing sound behind as I smoked my cigarrette, and turned and saw 2 hummingbirds feeding from a very nearby feeder.  So I casually and carefully walked as close as I could until they flew off.


I waited until one of them got their nerve back and came over for a drink.  They both kept buzzing back to check it out, and eventually, they took turns flying in for a drink.


This little one decided to hang out, have some dinner, and let me snap some photos.  I was lucky enough to get within good “striking range”, and even though I had my flash on full power, he didn’t take off.  I got some decent pictures, too, I think.

 Anyhow…it must’a been fate what made me grab my camera…

Thanks for taking the time to look!!


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