Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Another Lifer…twice…

I went for a cruise with my friend Art last night.  We went to an area that I have been to many times this year, and the same area that has produced multiple lifers for me this season, too.  So far, this spring, I have found a lifer Desert Rosy Boa, lifer Mojave Glossy Snake, and now, TWO lifer Spotted Leafnose snakes.  The photos aren’t the best, but…I have never seen a Spotted Leafnose before, and it’s been at least 10 years since my friend Art has seen one.  So here are some pictures!



As exciting as it is to find one lifer in an evening, this road produced my lifer Leafnose PLUS one.  Therse snakes are so cute…if they ate anything besides geckos and gecko eggs…I would have collected one.  But, as cute and gentle as they are…they don’t adapt well to captivity, and don’t typically eat rodents.  So they don’t make good candidates for captivity.  Oh well…

We also found one of the most common species of lizard-eating, desert dwelling snake in my area…a Western Longnose:


We did see a few live gophersnakes on the highway, but it was impossibler to safely stop and check them out.  We also saw plenty of roadkill snakes, but again…the highway is not always the safest place to stop.

All in all…it’s really tough to complain when you make a spur-of-the-moment run, and find a lifer…

Thanks again for looking!


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