Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Baby Rattlesnakes

I went for a slow ride tonight with my friend John, to see if maybe, after al the rain and cool weather, we might actually be blessed with finding a snake or two tonight, considering it was the first 85+ day we’ve seen in a while.  We were not disappointed…

We headed to one of my favorite roads, where I have found countless Panamint Rattlesnakes in the last couple of years, and sure enough…just like old faithful…we were blessed with a couple of VERY young neonates.  So…here they are!



Look at the food bulge in this guy’s belly!  He was laying in the middle of the road trying to digest what was obviously a HUGE meal for this little one.  So, after moving him off the road and snapping a few pics…we let him on his way, off into a bush to finish digesting.  About 15 minutes later, we found this guy:


He was MUCH feistier, biting my hook several times, and taking a couple half-hearted strikes at my feet.  But he coiled up nicely at the base of this bush for a photograph, and we left him alone.

And of course…this road would not be compelte without seeing several scorpions.  This is a good-size Desert Hairy Scorpion:


These things actually give me the heebie-jeebies, but they sure are a neat sight to see walking across the road…

Thanks for looking!

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