Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Old Faithful

Last night, my friend John gave me a call.  He wanted to go find some snakes.  So we went for a quick cruise, along with my daughter, to a road that has become known as “Old Faithful”.

Why Old Faithful?  Well…because it is one road, close to town, about 7 miles in length from one end to the other, that almost always produces snakes…and usually a Panamint or two.  Last fall, after eggs  hatched and litters were born, it was not uncommon to find 10 or 12 babie snakes in one night.  This spring has proven just as fruitful, giving up beautiful Panamints, Longnose, and Great Basin gophersnakes everytime we’ve decided to cruise it.

And last night was no different…



This small-ish sub-adult was really cool.  He only gave a coupl quick buzzes of the tail, and settled right down.  He was quite content letting us get some photos…



This little juvenile tried to buzz…but he only had one button.



Don’t he look cute sitting there with an ant on his head?  I think they are friends…

Thanks for looking!


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