Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Pip, pip…HOORAY!!

So…I checked on my incubating eggs around midnight or so last night, and they were just sitting there…same as they have been for the last 60 days or so.  But I knew it was close.  Than I saw this guy this morning…

Eye Contact

Head Shot


This clutch is the result of 2 Anerythristic Motley cornsnakes, both het. for Caramel and Hypomelanism.  I can expect Anery Motley, Ghost Motley, and Caramel Ghost Motley from these eggs.  This first one is definitely an Anerythristic Motley.

Thanks for looking!


2 responses

  1. That is pretty cool. Your macro stuff is incredible!

    July 21, 2009 at 2:37 am

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