Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Kern Valley

Went for a drive down around the Kern Valley the other day…

Frozen Fall

Frozen Fall

Annette in Torrent

The water in the North Fork of the Kern River were spectacular.   There are ALWAYS rapids on the Mighty Kern, but believe it or not…the flows were perfect for swimming and fishing.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for either one…so I just took some pictures.

While sitting alongside a small pool on a feeder creek higher in elevation than the Kern Valley…we were surprised by the sudden intrusion of a VERY unexpected guest:



This cute little bat fell down out of a nearby tree and struggled his way up and down several logs.  He kept jumping into the water, and then climbing back out.  I’m not real familiar with bat behavior, but it didn’t appear to enjoy it’s time in the water, and certainly was not what I would consider a “reasonable swimmer”.  It was more like flopping and flailing.  I helped it get up onto a stick, and moved it back away from the water’s edge, and it just laid there…wet and visibly exhausted.  We watched him for about 20 minutes, and then moved on.  The reality is…it didn’t look healthy.  Something was wrong.  I have no idea what was wrong, but…something was.  I would not be surprised if it died shortly after we left…

Finally…coming back across the mountains to the Eastern Slope…I couldn’t resist this shot of a HUGE Joshua Tree field.  It was very neat, having the mountains with the J-Trees in the distance and the small feeder creek lined with Oak and Aspen in the foreground.  So I asked Annette to pull over so I could get the shot…

Desert and Oasis

Desert and Oasis

And that’s about it.  I didn’t find any snakes, which was, as I’m sure you assumed, my ultimate goal in the trip.  But I got to hang out with my friend Annette in a gorgeous river valley on the Western Slope of my beloved mountains.  All in all…no snakes, but…still a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Thanks for coming along!


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