Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Spring Time Re-visited

I was tooling around in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate 12 today, and stumbled upon some very interesting pictures that I took this past spring and, for whatever reason…I just never processed them to share.

So I did that today…and here they are!

Duelling Duckies

Duelling Duckies

These two Mallard Drakes were battling each other, each vying for the attention of a single female, who sat idly by on the shore preening herself, as if the commotion wasn’t happening.  She was good at playing coy, I can tell you.  And these Drakes were ready to kill each other for her attentions…

My Good Side

My Good Side

This gull flew back and forth in front of me several times from only a few yards away, right at eye level.  I can’t tell if he was interested in me, or something in the water, but he certainly had no problem presenting me with numerous opportunities for a good photo.

Perfect Form

Perfect Form

This gull just soared overhead for several minutes.  Now…I’m fairly proud of this shot.  See…this was taken using a 150mm lens, which, for in-flight bird shots…is NOT a big enough lens.  I managed to get this guy perfectly in the frame.  This one is not cropped.  It came out of the camera with this composition, and I think it is one of my best flight shots to date.  Can’t fathom what possessed me to pass on processing it before.

So that’s about it for now.  I found a few interesting images from this past spring that I’m going to play with.  If I find anything good…you’ll be the first to know about it.

Thanks for stopping by!


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