Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Re-Kindled Love…

I gotta tell ya’…I have fallen in love with black and white photography all over again.  I remember being 14 or 15 years old with my Olympus OM-10 slung around my neck, sitting in the library thumbing through National Geographic, Ansel Adams, coffee table photography books, and just yearning for an opportunity to shoot those vast, wide open landscapes.  And always my favorites were the dramatc, western landscapes in stark Black ad White of Ansel Adams.

I am not a great photographer.  I’m not even particularly good.  I got a decent eye, and I get lucky every once in a while, but…I got a lot to learn.  And I’m gonna do just that.  I’m gonna spend time and effort in learning the art of B&W Landscape Photography.  Sure…I’m still gonna take loads and loads of other pictures and share them.  But keep watching…

Mt. Tom and the Eastern Slope

Mt. Tom and the Eastern Slope

Thanks for checking it out.  And wish me luck!  I got a looooooong road ahead of me…


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