Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

More Monotone

I warned you…I plan on shooting quite a bit of monotone landscapes and vistas over the next several months.  Maybe even years…

I went up to Tyee Lakes again today, and this time Annette joined me.  We actually made it all the way to the second lake this time which was, in my humble opinion, a MUCH more photogenic lake than the first.  However…the first lake does look pretty nice in hindsight…

Looking back towards Lower Tyee

Looking back towards Lower Tyee

Middle Tyee is a very small lake..really not much more than a pond.  But…it also sits above 10,00 feet, so really…you can’t ask for much.  It is, however, a much more pretty lake to photograph…

Middle Tyee

Middle Tyee

Annette and I spent some time scrambling around, looking for enat little waterfalls and cascades and such.  We found some, but not many…and nothing worth sharing came of it.  We did see a really cool, gnarly old tree stump though… So I tugged and heaved and pushed and got it into a really nice potision for what I think is the Shot of the Day…

Middle Tyee with Stump

Middle Tyee with Stump

I feel like the shot was worth the effort, and I certainly hope you agree…

Thanks for coming along!


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