Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Great Day to Shoot…

I went up the South Fork of Bishop Creek today with my friend John in search of early Fall Colors.  Well…it was a good day…

First, I needed to go back up to Gable Creek and shoot those falls in better light.

Small Falls1

Small Falls2

I still didn;t get great shots of all of them, but I got a couple decent ones.  Anyhow…Onwards and upwards…

The colors are REALLY starting to come in along the South Fork, so John and I stopped to snake some pics along the way.

South Fork Gold1

South Fork Reds

Autumn Gold

Than John wanted to show me a cool old cabin falling apart in the woods…

B&W Cabin

It was cool, but I found a lot of much more interesting stuff closer to the ground…


Changing Bush

Green Aspen Leaves

Red Leaves1

Yellow Aspen Leaves

John let me borrow his 4X closeup filter.  It was really a load of fun to shoot with, and helped me develope a whole new appreciation for macro photography.  Only problem is…now I gotta get a set.  Thanks John… 😉

Anyhow…thanks for coming along!

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