Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Autumn Reflections

Autumn is a time when many of us find ourselves reflecting back on the summer’s activities with fondness and, sometimes, a little bit of sadness.  But you know damn well that this is not about that…

We had a really long rainstorm come through yesterday afternoon and it rained clear through until this morning.  It dumped close to 2 inches of rain on us.  Of course…this means puddles.  Lots of puddles…

Cottonwood Reflections

Cottonwood Reflections

Ripple Effect 1

Ripple Effect 1

Ripple Effect 2

Ripple Effect 2

When I went outside for a smoke, I noticed that we had a newly built swimming pool where my driveway used to be.  I also noticed that the angle of the sun behind me was causing some spectacular reflections of the trees across the way and the cars in the lot.  So…I grabbed my camera, squatted down to maximize the reflections, tossed in a pebble or two, and started shooting.  I kinda like the way they look, so I thought I would share.

Hope you enjoyed them!


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