Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Round Valley Relic

The storm clouds rolling in while taking my daughter to school this morning were simply incredible.  I was racking my brain the whole way to school and back home, trying to figure out where I could go, close by, and get some decent shots.  Than I remembered this old, rusted, gutted, half of a car out behind Kaylee’s mom’s house…

Round Valley Relic1

Color Relic1

And my favorite shot of the morning…

Round Valley Relic2

I really like this last shot.  I actually took 3 exposures from this angle, intending to make an HDR photo merge, but when I got the files uploaded, I realized I didn’t need it, so I discarded the other 2 files, and processed this one as normal.  I think it came out fairly decent.

I will be going back here, after a nice dusting of fresh snow hits Round Valley…

Thanks for looking!

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