Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

A Great Day for Photos

John is an Aqueducts and Reservoir Keeper for the LA Department of Water and Power.  That doesn’t really carry a whole tone of weight when you live in the Owens Valley, which has been sucked dry by the LADWP over the last 110 years, but it does mean that he spends the majority of his working days driving back roads, dirt lanes, and unbeaten paths checking water and snow levels, adjusting regulators, and opening/closing flow valves throughout the valley.  And since he is one of my closest friends, he shares the “hot spots” for wildflowers with me.

Of course, with the amount of moisture we have seen this year, you can see most of the “hot spots” from the highway…

Baker Creek Canyon

Fiddle Neck

Wild Lupine

Some species of Phacelia, I believe

Scalebud Landscape North

This last shot….man alive, the entire west side of Highway 395 just north of Big Pine was bright yellow and orange.  There is scalebud, storksbill, gilia, lupine, wooly daisy, fiddle neck, and paintbrush scattered all over the place.  Most of the bright yellow is scalebud, but you can see some concentrations of woolly daisy in the foothills where the saturated orange is.  The storksbill and gilia are too small to make an impression with such tall scalebud surrounding it, and the paintbrush and lupine are scattered infrequently enough to render them moot in a wide scene like this.  But it won’t be long before there are wild iris, lupine, penstemon, colombine, paintbrush and all sorts of other larger flowers blanketing these fields and the upper elevation meadows.  It’s gonna be a good flower year…

Thanks for taking the time to look!


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