Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Panamint Alley

Took  a cruise with John to Old Faithful last night.  We thought it was about time to play with a rattlesnake, so we went to one of my favorite Panamint cruising roads.  As luck would have it, we found 3 juvenile Panamint Rattlesnakes (Crotalus stephensi)!

Over the last few years, this road has been quite predictable and consistent in it’s Panamint offerings.  I think I’m gonna continue cruising here, because frankly…I love me some Panamints!

Thanks for looking!


2 responses

  1. Cute but dangerous. I am a herpetologist from South Africa. No rattler types here but some mean adders. Thanks for posting the photos.

    May 5, 2010 at 6:52 am

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