Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

More Backyard Wildlife

So…I just got back from moving a bunch of empty cages over to the new house, and just for shits and giggles, I took a quick walk around the backyard, seeing what I could see.  And I saw TONS of lizards…more Barred Spiny Lizards than one could possibly hope to count or photograph, a few Great Basin Whiptails(which are always near impossible to get good shots of), and even a bunch of babies and juveniles running around.  I think I’m gonna like living here…

Barred Spiny Lizard hanging out on a nice warm tire--Sceloporus magister transversus

Juvenile Barred Spiny--Sceloporus magister transversus

The little guy in hand was hiding under an old board I flipped, hoping for a rattler.  I didn’t see a snake, but this little one ran around in circles at my feet, until I finally managed to get my hands on him for a closeup.  The Spiny Lizards in my new backyard are just LOADED with brilliant oranges and yellows.  Very pretty, indeed…

Thanks for looking!


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