Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

One of My First Shots

A long time ago, or so it seems, I took the plunge and invested in a mid-range DSLR camera.  My best friend John was thrilled.  Within 2-3 days of getting my box in the mail, John took me to one of his favorite locations in The Alabama Hills to try it out.   Those first few images were rightly crap.  Poor composition, no subjective connection, and only moderately acceptable exposures.  But on that first day, I learned and re-learned some fascinating aspects of photography that were forgotten in the maze of years.

I went back through the files from that first day, and actually found one that was fairly reasonable.  So I took it into Photoshop CS4, and reprocessed the original file…

Southern Inyo Mountains

I was feeling a little nostalgic, and missing my recently deceased best friend, John.  I’m always gonna miss him, but he will always guide my feet and my exposures in this gorgeous little valley that we both loved so much.  Thinking back on that first day shooting, I couldn’t help but process this one with a little sense of nostalgia, and an antique flare of it’s own.  It was only a few years ago, but it really does seem like a lifetime…

Thanks so much for taking the time to look!


2 responses

  1. Nice photo. Awakened emotions.

    Hope you’ll visit my page, too. Happy Holidays!

    > Cha <

    December 26, 2010 at 3:11 pm

  2. Nice clouds….I especially like them because they are in black and white. I can see the beauty.

    December 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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