Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Am I THAT Old?!?

Man…my baby girl is growing up WAY too quickly.  It seems like just a couple of months ago I was changing her diapers and she was falling asleep on my chest in a rocking chair…

  About 2 weeks ago, she asked me if she could pierce her ears and cut her hair short.  The earrings we had discussed before, and I told her I didn’t care if her mother didn’t care.  The hair was hard.  All of her life I have adored her long, golden locks, and now she wanted to cut them off.  “It’s your hair”, I told her.   “If you’re old enough to ask me for permission to cut your hair short and pierce your ears, I suppose your old enough to decide for yourself.”  And so she did…

My Heart, My Soul, My Everything

Her mom was picking her up for the weekend, and so they decided to make a “Girl’s Day” out of it, and go to the salon for haircuts and earrings.  I’m telling you…I almost cried when I saw her.  I have to admit she looks absolutely adorable.  But she looks so…grown up!  She ain’t no tiny baby girl no more, and that means I’m getting old…

Wanna know something else?  I have a 21-year-old son whom I haven’t seen since he was 2.  He has no memory of me whatsoever.  He is coming out to meet us for the first time this April.  You have no idea how flippin’ excited I am!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read!


One response

  1. I agree, it’s really hard to believe that they do grow up that fast…Wait till you have to go through it with a grandchild!
    Also, I hope the visit with your son goes well!

    March 30, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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