Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

The Buttermilks and Mono Lake

The last few days have been busy.  Zayne has been with her mother, so Kevin and I spent a bunch of time wandering around the desert, taking photos, looking for snakes and lizards, and just hanging out.  This really has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life.  We are already planning for him to come visit in August, sometime around my birthday, at least for a day or two.  It’s hard to believe I only met him 7 days ago, and here I sit, missing him, only 9 hours after dropping him at the airport.  I guess that’s life.  Anyhow…on with the photos..

Turkey Vulture

 There was a ton of Turkey Vultures flying around.  This one got fairly brave and flew right down near us, searching the boulders for food.  We also found a bunch of lizards and even a couple Panamints…

Panamint Rattler–Crotalus stephensi
Panamint Rattler–Crotalus stephensi

It was quite a lovely day…

Kevin trying to get the shot
Little Peak
Buttermilk Ridgeline

Kevin’s flight back home was this afternoon, so we left the house around 5am, and headed up to Mono Lake, to get some early morning shots before he had to go.  It was another spectacular day…

Mono Lake Tufa

Looking for a shot
South Tufa Portrait

This has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life.  I’m really glad I took a chance and reached out to my son.  I’m even more thrilled that he responded positively.  I think we have a good thing to build on here…

Thanks for taking the time to look!

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