Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Backyard Bird Watching

Backyard bird watching.  It’s almost cliché.  People are hustlin’ and bustlin’ around this great big world of ours, and not leaving anytime to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Money is tight, job security is low, taxes and inflation continue growing…  It seems the only thing we have any ability to control anymore is how we respond to the rapidly changing stimuli.

That’s why I LOVE my backyard.  Let me explain…  I live in the High Desert.  My house is situated at about 5,000′, right on the feet of the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California.  I can look out my living room window and I have an unobstructed view for close to 10 miles, all the way up the western slope of the White Mountain peaks, which is the western most border of Nevada.  Now…there is a major highway running through there, and a multitude of high-power, high-tension lines zig-zagging back and forth.  Views are spectacular, but these ugly lines are very destructive to landscape compositions.  But the wildlife is incredible…

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It’s amazing how curative a backyard like mine can be.  I’m gonna tell you guys a little secret…I lost my job last week.  Yea, right in the middle of my visit with my son, I found out that I was no longer employed.  But it’s OK.  I had an incredible week visiting with my son, and my emotional well-being has never been more positive.  Even being unemployed and quickly running out of money, I can’t help but smile.  I walk out back, and it just happens.  Something will come through.  I have a lot of experience in a lot of fields.  I’ve done everything from flippin’ burgers and pouring drinks to antique restorations and hotel management.  I also found out about some pretty cool job openings in my area, including backcountry habitat recovery and wildlife rehabilitation, and not only would I LOVE to have either of those jobs…I’m fairly well qualified for both.  So something will come through.  Just gotta ride this wave for a few days…

Thanks for taking the time to stop and look!


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