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I LOVE my new job!!!

Yup…got a new job.  I told you guys I was fired while my son was in town.  I was a bit pissed at first.  Afterall, who can blame me for getting upset?  I was fired for not working hard enough…for free…on my days off…but I digress…

Shortly after getting fired, I found out that the local wildlife rehab center was hiring.  I have been an Educational Volunteer with Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care, doing educational shows and presentations for a couple of years now.  Cindy is a wonderful lady with a tremendous amount of knowledge and a heart of gold, and she always respected my reptile knowledge.  When I found out they were hiring for summer wildlife interns, I jumped at the chance.  Luckily, out of a rather large field of VERY experienced individuals, Cindy gave me a chance.

So here’s some pictures of our current patients…

Juvenile Red Tail Hawks


Juvenile Red Tail

This poor guy above was electrocuted.  Unfortunately, it is likely that he will never fly again.  His wing is wasted, and may even need to be amputated as the flesh continues to atrophy from the injury.  Hopefully we can get a permit to keep him as an educational bird, but…that’s a mighty big “IF”…

Nestling Great Horned Owl

 This is one of 3 nestling Great Horned Owls we have right now.  All 3 were orphaned, but otherwise healthy.  They are strong, healthy, and will be released to live in the wild as soon as possible.  We also have an adult GHO, but she has a pretty bad wing laceration, and she stresses out really easily.  She’s doing well, and we expect a full recovery and release soon, but I didn’t want to stress her out with photos…

Nestling Red Tail Hawk


Nestling Red Tail Hawk

 This is Lucky.  Lucky is a nestling Red Tail Hawk.  He was found on the ground, out of the nest, no adults anywhere to be found, and he was FAR too young to be alone.  An extensive search of the area revealed no signs of parents or siblings.  We don’t know why or how Lucky was orphaned, but we sure are trying to raise him right.  He’s strong, he’s full of attitude, and hopefully, with some flying time and hunting lessons, he will be released back into the wild before fall.

My mom always said, and I always believed her…things happen for a reason.  Getting fired from the pet shop SUCKED.  Getting this new job at the rehab center is a dream come true.  When one door closes another opens, and this door is one I’ve been wanting for a long time.  Stick around.  I plan on sharing a TON of photos of our rehab adventures this summer…

Thanks for looking!

P.S.–Please checkout Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care’s website.  It’s a fantastic, non-profit institution funded entirely by private donations and volunteer efforts.  We are sometimes the only thing standing between these fantastic creatures and death, so give ’em a look, and see what it’s all about.  If you live in the area, we can always use rescue volunteers, and you could even volunteer to work hands-on at the center.  It’s not a job for everyone, but everyone that does it is vastly rewarded…

4 responses

  1. Lucky you! Congrats for the new job and perfect photographs!

    May 17, 2011 at 10:52 pm

  2. Great news on the job front and OUTSTANDING images on the photo front!

    May 21, 2011 at 2:46 pm

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