Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Environmental Portraits

Landscapes, Lizards, and More Fire

Kevin flies back to Colorado tomorrow.  It’s been an incredible week, but I’ll be sad to see him go.  We’re making plans for him to come visit again in August, and that will be really nice, but…I’m gonna miss him when he leaves…

Yea, it’s really been an incredible week.  I met my son.  Zayne met her brother.  And we really enjoyed each others’ company.  It will definitely be sad to watch him go, but I know he’ll be coming back…

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Street Photography

Street photography…shooting whatever is happening right at that moment, and making it tell a story.  The Decisive Moment, captured forever in the blink of a shutter…

Old Dan--Bishop, CA

Waiting...-San Francisco, CA

Beautiful Oblivion--San Francisco, CA

Decisions...--San Francisco, CA

Changing Times--Bishop, CA

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Playing around with Portraits

I took some semi-candid shots of my daughter messing around over the summer that I never really worked up and published.  I went in and played around with them in my new Silver Efex Pro software last night, and came out with some very pleasing results.    All in all, I first thought this software was a bit pricey for a simple plug-in filter.  Truth be told it is quite an impressive tool.  I’m certain I will be using it for a majority of my B&W conversions from now on.  Everything I always wished I had in converting tools, and none of the artifacts that usually come with it.  Well Done Nik Software!

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In Memory

I lost my best friend this morning.   It’s very difficult for me, as John was my best friend, my mentor, and a very strong influence on my life, my photography, and my state of mind.  Anyone that has read this blog has seen photos of him, and photos of me taken by him.  We spent as much time together as possible over the last few years.  He was instrumental in helping me form the Eastern Sierra Herpetology Club.  In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that without his support and confidence…it wouldn’t exist.

He was also a HUGE influence on my photography and my love of the Eastern Sierra.  He was a fantastic photographer in his own right, and with his help and guidance, he showed me the way to become a halfway decent photographer for myself.  I always had a love of photography, and I can remember trying to develop that love ever since I was a youngster.  John was my reason for investing in a digital SLR camera, and his confidence in my abilities gave me the freedom to explore my own creativity, and to try and develop my own style…which I’m still working on…

The last two months have been really difficult as he was battling stage 4 terminal cancer.  We knew he was going to die, we just didn’t know when.  None of us could have imagined how fast it would happen.  But the pain is gone, and John is happy again.  He can now look down on his mountains, and see the Eastern Sierra which he loved so much.  I know he is watching me, and while every click of my shutter will seem hollow in comparison to our times together, I rest assured that he will be with me as I walk these hills, deserts, and mountains over the coming years.  He will guide my compositions, and correct my exposures.  He will always be there.

Here’s to you, John Ivan Atwood.  Your strength, support, confidence, and encouragement have gotten me this far.  I will take you with me for the rest of my days.

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Rest in Peace, my Friend.

Local and Live!

Bishop.  It’s a tiny little town nestled quietly between the western slope of the White/Inyo Mountains that border California and Nevada, and the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which separate Coastal California from the rest of the U.S.  We have about 4,000 full-time, year-round residents, a total of 4 stop lights, 3 bars, a grocery store, and a K-Mart.  We don’t even have a Wal-Mart…

But one thing we do have is a great appreciation for all genres of live music, and community events.  This weekend was the Inyo County Council for the Arts Main St. Festival.  Part of the festival is the ability of local artists to display their works along the Main St. Promenade.  Another aspect is the great live music scattered about town.  This is about the music…

B&W Pete & Neal1

Fiddlin' Pete and Neal

B&W Fiddlin' Pete1

Fiddlin' Pete


Pete & Neal

Pete and Neal


Pete and Neal.  These guys were a lot of fun.  They played a mix of folk, country, and blues, and each song had a story about the History of the Owen’s Valley.  It was really a nice afternoon.

Special Thanks to Fiddlin’ Pete Watercott for allowing me to photograph the event, and post these pictures.  Great Job, Gentlemen!

Today’s Spotlights…

Went and talked with a couple local shopkeepers today, and convinced them to let me take some shots while I was there.

Brian and Brian of Aerohead Cycles were busy, but they didn’t mind that I snapped a few candids while they worked…

Brian and Brian

Hard at Work1

Than I went over and talked to Brent.  If you’ve ever needed an electronic device fixed in Bishop, you probably know Brent, or at least you’ve spoken.  He wasn’t busy, but he didn’t mind muggin’ about while I took pictures.  At least…he didn’t mind too much…

"It's still hot!"

It's OK to Smile

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Old Timer…

Dan is a character.  He is an old school mule packer with about 10,000,000 stories.  Doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, Dan has a story that you can either relate to or be thrilled by.  And I have no doubt that every single one of them is 100% true…whether it really happened or not… 😉

Good Ol' Dan

Good Ol' Dan

Nowadays, Dan can usually be found behind the counter at a corner fly shop in town, tending the till and sharin’ stories with anyone that happens to wander in.  Stop in and say Howdy sometime.  Heck, right now they got Metz #1 Badger Saddles for $5.  That’s worth the trip alone…

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Another Walkabout…

I went for another walk around town with my camera over my shoulder yesterday.  I’m really excited about “discovering” Environmental Portraiture.  It’s really neat going out and talking to random people, getting to know them a little bit, and getting good shots.  It’s great practice, as well.  It’s easy to take pictures of my daughter because I know her, and I love her dearly…it’s a pleasure.  It’s a bit more difficult taking GOOD shots of complete strangers, so this whole Environmental Portraiture aspect of photography is great fun AND great practice.


50 Year Local

50 Year Local

This is Chris.  He has lived in Bishop, CA for 50 years now.  I didn’t catch his age, so I don’t know if he was born here or not.  I also don’t know if he has ever spent time elsewhere, or if Bishop has always been home.  I DO know that he has no interest in leaving anytime soon…

Desert Rat

Desert Rat

Not a local in the traditional sense of the word, but this gentleman knows the surrounding desert better than anyone else I’ve ever met.  He spends his days, and even some nights, wandering the desert, studying the land, and disovering petroglyphs and Native American sites for anthropological and archaelogical study.  I didn’t catch if he was a clinical anthropologist or a geologist, or what, exactly…but he’s quite proud of his desert days…and he should be.

Thanks for coming along!  Hopefully, over the next several months, I’ll be able to introduce you to a few more Bishop Locals, and maybe give you a peek into their lives…