Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

Snake Information

There was a time when breeding captive colubrids was a passion of mine.  Not too long ago, in fact.  I still love these harmless snakes, and find them fascinating.  I still breed them and still keep a collection.  But alas…the business side of it is depressing, so I am no longer doing it as a business…merely as a pleasurable hobby.

Regardless…while I was actively breeding and selling colubrid morphs, I wrote several pages for my website that were helpful and informative.  These things took quite some time to write, and since my business site will be going off-line in a matter of days…I decided to re-produce those pages here, to keep, so they won’t evaporate into the nothingness that is the internet.

So here are some caresheets, information guides, a morphology of cornsnakes list and a basic genetics tutorial that I wrote purely for information.

Hope you enjoy!

Basic Genetics Tutorial          Cornsnake Morphology       Care Guidelines


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