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Been A While…

Wow.  It’s been quite some time.  A lot has happened.  Initially, I was unemployed for a little bit, and anyone that has ever been there knows that priorities change.  The internet had to go.  Time was spent looking for a job, pounding the pavement, rather than walking the streets looking for photographs waiting to be taken.  Money got tight, gas prices rose, and activity in my life ran down to a minimum.

But I’m back.  I’m working, making money, and putting my camera back in hand, and priorities back in line.  So by way of a re-introduction, here’s just a few random shots that have helped pass the time…

Zayne and Great Basin Gophersnake

Spike and Andee

My son and his girlfriend hunting for petroglyphs in the Volcanic Tablelands.


Zayne enjoying Hot Ditch. Natural reflection from the water cured backlight shadows nicely.

Random front yard flower

1982 Shovelhead Custom Rigid. She will be mine. VERY soon…

So…yea…just a few shots to say, I’m back.  And things are getting better.  Thanks for stopping by!!


Little Lakes Valley

Went for a quick hike up through Little Lakes Valley this morning.  Such a beautiful area…

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Tyee Lakes Trail

I took the kids and the dog for a day hike up to the first of the Tyee Lakes.  It’s one of my favorite day hikes in the Bishop area, and I try to get up there right around my birthday every year.  This year I’m a week early.  Anyhow…some photos…

Just about half way...

Zayne and Roach

Roach is Spike’s dog.  He is 50/50 Timber Wolf and Malamute.

Roach, looking like he belongs there...


Tyee Falls

This is a seasonal falls, meaning it is typically dried up by the end of August.  I guess the late thaw and moderate temperatures have kept it flowing longer than normal.  Can’t complain about that!

Thanks for looking!

Spike and Marla

I went for a drive to the Reno airport today with my son and his girlfriend.  I managed a couple of sneaky shots before Marla had to catch her flight…

"Which gate do I need?"


Spike and Marla

And I just happened to catch sight of this one.  I found it amusing…

Wrong Way

Anyhow…just a quickie.  Thanks for looking!

Slowing Down…

The summer is finally winding down.  I hope to be getting out and shooting a little more, now that baby bird season is fairly well behind us, and work is winding down.  For now, I took a couple of shots while walking around the park with my daughter today…

She really is growing up far too quickly…

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Summertime Rolls…

Summertime is in full swing here in the Owen’s Valley of the Eastern Sierra…

Gazebo at the Town Park in Bishop


Skatepark at the Town Park in Bishop

The weather is settled and finally on our side, so get out there and enjoy it while you can!

Thanks for looking!

Photo Manipulations

Yea…I haven’t had a lot of time to get out and shoot photos.  So, as usual, I’ve been playing around in Photoshop, manipulating photos, and coming up with brand new looks for some of my older shots.  Hope you enjoy them!

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Raptors at Work

If you follow with any regularity, you probably know that I recently started working as a wildlife intern at Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care.  We rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.  It’s a very labor-intensive job, and very time-consuming work, but it is the best job I’ve ever had…

Great Horned Owlets

These baby Great Horneds are really awesome.  They’ve been here for a little while now, and pretty soon we’ll start getting them hunting live prey and prepare them for release.

Red Tail Hawk scheduled for release in the next couple weeks

This Red Tail was shot with a pellet gun.  Lucky for him, the pellet fragmented without causing a ton of major damage to the wing.  He is healing fine and flying well, and is scheduled for release very soon.

Adult Great Horned Owl

This Great Horned was one of my first intakes at the center.  You can see his right eye is injured.  We aren’t exactly sure what happened, but he seems to have good vision.  He’s ready for test flights and live hunting in preparation for release, as well.


This Raven came to us as a young baby.  She’s pretty darn sweet, and will probably be released soon.  I couldn’t resist an old feeling, B&W treatment and an Edgar Allen Poe reference…

Thanks for looking!