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The Orton Effect

The Orton effect was first used by Michael Orton.  Using color slide film, he would take 2 shots of the same subject, one over-exposed and blurry, the other in focus.  He would then sandwich these two slides together and the effect would have a very surreal, almost dream-like quality to them.  I have heard it referred to as “painterly”, “artistic”, and “dreamy”.  Whatever you choose to call it…it’s pretty cool.

It can easily be applied digitally with today’s editing software…

Creating the above image was really quite simple.  I use Corel’s Paint SHop Pro Photo 12, so this “tutorial” may not be helpful to those of you that use Photoshop…

The first step is basic processing of the base image.  I make brightness/contrast, high pass sharpen, and clarify adjustments to get a solid base image to start with.  Than I copy this image, and paste it as a new layer.

I make the top layer invisible, so I can see the bottom layer, and increase the brightness a bit, than apply a Gaussian Blur.  I typically use a 15-25 pixel radius, but I have used higher.  Be warned…you CAN overdo it.

Once my bottom layer is nice and blurry, I switch to my top layer, and increase the sharpness using High Pass Sharpen once again.  Than I decrease the opacity of the top layer, until I can see the blurry layer underneath.  Than it’s a matter of taste, adjusting the opacity of the top layer to achieve the desired amount of blur and “halo” from the blurred bottom layer.

Once I have the desired amount of blur and sharpness, I flatten the image, and continue processing, as necessary.  For the top image, the processing ended at merging the layers.  For the above image, I boosted contrast a touch and clarify just a bit after merging to bring out some of that texture in the rocks.

And that’s really all there is to it.  Play around with it.  I have found that the images most suited to the Orton effect seem to be those with lots of leaves, trees, or water.  These tend to make a really neat dream-scene using this effect.

I hope you enjoyed this, and Thanks for reading!


“Shorter of Breath…”

“…and, one day, closer to death.”  Pink Floyd is awesome…Anyhow…

Yup…Another year has passed.  I “celebrated” my 36th birthday yesterday.  I’m officially closer to 40 than I am to 30.  I guess it ain’t so bad.  I feel good, I still look relatively good with more brown hair than grey, and still more hair on my head than my ears or back.  And hell, I’m happy and having a ton of fun just living life.  I guess growing up ain’t so bad…

Anyhow…in lieu of any sort of Birthday Celebration, I spent a good portion of the day hiking a rather short but steep trail by myself in the John Muir Wilderness.  About 2 miles and about 2,000′ in elevation gain to the first lake…where I stopped…

The First of the Tyee Lakes

The First of the Tyee Lakes

I’m fairly certain that this is looking towards the south.  I could be wrong as I don’t usually carry a compass on a fairly popular day hike.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter much…

Ovipositing Dragonfly

Ovipositing Dragonfly

I managed to see this big ol’ dragonfly laying some eggs in the reeds at the edge of the lake.  She landed close enough to me that I was able to get a decent shot of her ovipositing…

Small Cascades

Small Cascades

On the way back down the trail, I followed the faint sound of trickling water to this tiny little outlet stream, and got what I think is a really decent shot of a tiny little cascade.

South Fork Falls

South Fork Falls

This is the second try at these falls for me.  This is a small feeder stream that flows into the South Fork of Bishop Creek after going over this really nice fall.  The last time I shot it with limited filters, and got a decent shot…but this one is better.

Anyhow…that’s how IO spent the ol’ birthday…walking around in the wilderness, disturbing everything around me.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day.  To top it off, a friend took me out for Sushi and pool in the evening.  Great way to end the day!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

South Fork, Bishop Creek

I went for a short mid-morning hike today up around Bishop Creek Canyon.  With all the moisture we have gotten over the last 2 weeks, I knew the water would be flowing high, so I grab the camera and tripod and headed to some nice staircase waterfalls I know about…



South Fork1

The creek was flowing beautifully, and made for some excellent photo opportunities.  I also saw some chickadees flying around and a couple flowers…


Yellow Flower1


I then decided to continue up the road and go to South Lake in search of a proper landscape…

South Lake1

South Lake Peak

It was a nice day with cool temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and a gentle breeze.  I’d have to say it was quite pleasant, and I enjoyed it.  I hope you enjoyed it, too!

Thanks for looking!