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Frozen Lakes and Snow

Anyone that has followed this blog for any length of time, knows that I am not a fan of snow, cold, wind, ice, or winter in general.  But they also know that these conditions produce outstanding photographs much of the time, and so, as a willing photographer, I must brave the brutality of Nature in order to capture her beauty.

It’s a fair trade…

Frosty Morning on Mono

Crowley lake, Frozen Over

Yup…I dislike winter.  But I LOVE how it transform our local landscapes.

Thanks for taking the time to look!


Why I Live in the Desert

I don’t like the cold.  I don’t like the snow.  I don’t like the wind.  I don’t like ice.  But I LOVE taking B&W photos of these conditions.  So my friend Rich and I grabbed our gear and headed to the mountains…

60-65mph winds where I am standing are strong enough to blow me back, let alone the tripod.  I was forced to hold tight to the tripod legs, and wait for a break in the wind to take a shot.  I got pretty lucky, to be perfectly honest…

First Stop--Crowley Lake

You can see the snow plumes coming off the mountains.  Rich was trying to capture the snow and ice particles as they were blown across the surface of the ice.  I was just trying to wait out the wind gusts, and snap pictures in between.  I was actually standing next to a low toy-hauler trailer to block the wind for this one…


Further up we go, looking for great light and wind protection.  Mother Nature wasn’t having it…

Man, alive…the winds coming across Convict were even worse than those at Crowley.  And with the entire surface of the lake a sheet of ice, it was whipping up ice and snow particles strong enough to sand blast a car, I think.  A couple of quick hand-held shots, and we were outta there…

Next Stop--Convict Lake

When we finally arrived at our ultimate destination, the winds had died down, the clouds had broken up, and it turned into a rather pleasant couple of hours…

Reflections at Mono Lake

South Tufa Reflections

Tufa Reflections


Mono was gorgeous.  We were hoping to catch the freezing fog, but unfortunately, we got there just in time to watch it pull back off the lake, and break up into to nothing on the northern shore.  But the sun was warm, the wind was gone, and a good time was had by all.  What else could you ask for?

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Crowley Lake

Went for a boat ride up on Crowley Lake in Mono County today.  It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine on the lake and HUGE storms rolling in over the distant mountains to the north and east.  We knew it was eventually going to rain but…we could see the storm for hours before it ever came near us.  Plus…storms make for nice photographs.

Speaking of photographs…you know I took some…so here they are!

Mammoth to Banner

Mammoth to Banner

Mono County, CA

Mono County, CA

Raven Storm

Raven Storm

Obviously, I took WAY more pictures than this.  But I took a million “snapshots” today that won’t be shared, and a couple of big panoramas that I haven’t processed yet.  I’ll get to those later…

Hope you enjoyed what I had to share today!