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It’s Been a While…

I’ve been slackin’ on the posting.  Work has been incredibly busy, and I’ve had no time to go out and shoot photos.  It’s been hectic, to say the least.  But I brought the gear to work the other day, went in a couple of hours before I was scheduled, and took some shots…

Cooper's Hawk


Jeremy and Cindy examining a Golden Eagle

This Golden Eagle was found hopping on the ground, unable to fly.  An early exam revealed dehydration, near-emaciation, and all of his primary feathers broken on one wing.  The flesh and tendons are viable, no signs of electrocution, and was given subcutaneous fluids, and fed gently.  He is recovered well enough to be transported to a facility with on-staff veterinarians and raptor specialists, and after full-recovery, he will be brought back to us for release.

Love Dove-European Collared Dove

This dove came to us as a tiny baby.  We raised her up, big and healthy, and tried to release her, but she came back and hangs out at the center.  There are other doves in the area, and they all get along well, so we’ll let her stay…


This young Roadrunner is completely wild.  He has never been a patient at the center, and doesn’t appear to be even remotely injured.  He just hangs out in the desert behind the center, and has gained enough confidence to allow us to approach him…sort of.  We don’t get closer than a few feet, but I have passed directly underneath him whilst he was perched on this branch several times, and he is less than 6″ above my head, so…pretty bold Roadrunner…

"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore!'"


First Flight of Freedom

Lenore came to us as a little nudie baby, orphaned, naked, cold, and starving.  She grew into a big, healthy, beautiful Raven.  I was quite fond of Lenore, and shared pictures of her a few weeks ago.  She’s a big girl now, and we released her the other morning to be free as she can be…

Thanks for looking!


Birds and a Panamint

Yup…more birds, and a BEAUTIFUL Panamint I found with my daughter…

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That little Panamint was awesome.  He was being harassed by a Raven that was evidently trying to keep him in the road to be run over.  Lucky for the snake, not so much for the Raven, we were the first car to come along, so I scared off the raven, grabbed my snake hook, and moved the little guy out of the road.

Thanks for looking!

Sure Signs of Spring

So I was outside this evening shortly before sunset, and I noticed my almond and peach trees were just glowing beautifully with fresh blossoms.  So I grabbed my camera and my 105mm macro lens for some shots…

I have 2 peach trees.  One provides LOADS of smaller, white fleshed peaches, and the other provides fewer, larger yellow fleshed ones.  These are all from the white-flesh tree…

Then I saw this guy buzzing around my almond tree…

He knew he was further than I wanted him to be, so he flew down to the peach tree for a closer look…

That’s it.  Just some sure signs of spring from my front yard.  Thanks for looking!

Blue Jays in the Yard

These birds are loud, cantankerous, and slightly offensive with their behavior, at times.  But they are always beautiful, and their brazen attitudes make them decent photo subjects.  These two were romping in the front yard, picking at peach pits…

Couple of ornery Blue Jays

This little guy got curious, and came in fairly close, letting me get a couple really decent shots of him…

Watching me...

Getting braver...

What are you?

You can almost see the quizzical nature of his glance, as curiosity wins out over fear, and he comes up to check me out.  Really cool birds…as long as I’m already awake…

Thanks for taking the time to look!

Spring Time Re-visited

I was tooling around in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate 12 today, and stumbled upon some very interesting pictures that I took this past spring and, for whatever reason…I just never processed them to share.

So I did that today…and here they are!

Duelling Duckies

Duelling Duckies

These two Mallard Drakes were battling each other, each vying for the attention of a single female, who sat idly by on the shore preening herself, as if the commotion wasn’t happening.  She was good at playing coy, I can tell you.  And these Drakes were ready to kill each other for her attentions…

My Good Side

My Good Side

This gull flew back and forth in front of me several times from only a few yards away, right at eye level.  I can’t tell if he was interested in me, or something in the water, but he certainly had no problem presenting me with numerous opportunities for a good photo.

Perfect Form

Perfect Form

This gull just soared overhead for several minutes.  Now…I’m fairly proud of this shot.  See…this was taken using a 150mm lens, which, for in-flight bird shots…is NOT a big enough lens.  I managed to get this guy perfectly in the frame.  This one is not cropped.  It came out of the camera with this composition, and I think it is one of my best flight shots to date.  Can’t fathom what possessed me to pass on processing it before.

So that’s about it for now.  I found a few interesting images from this past spring that I’m going to play with.  If I find anything good…you’ll be the first to know about it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hummingbird Babies

There are a bunch of hummingbiord feeders in my apartment complex.  And thus, there are a lot of hummingbirds. 

Earlier in the spring, I saw a nest just outside my front door in a tree.  I live on the second floor, so as I walk out onto my porch, I am eye level with a nest that is about 15′ away.  I knew it would come in handy…

I saw the female sitting in ther nest a LOT about a month ago.  about a week ago I heard chirping, but no mother.  Today…I saw 2 feathered babies, probably only a few weeks from fledging and taking off on their own.  So I snapped a couple pictures…

"What you lookin' at?!"

"What you lookin' at?!"

"It sees us!!"  "No it doesn't.  Just sit still and it will go away..."

"It sees us!!" "No it doesn't. Just sit still and it will go away..."

Two adorable little baby hummingbirds.  I’ve no idea what kind they are, but I got individual photos of the parents earlier in the spring feeding from a neighbor’s feeder:

Father getting a drink

Father getting a drink

Mother being VERY cautious approaching the feeder...

Mother being VERY cautious approaching the feeder...

I saw the above 2 birds at the nest site earlier in the spring.  While I didn’t actually observe the mating process, I did observe what I assume to be a courting ritual in and around the nest site, and I observed the female sitting in the nest, presumable on eggs, several times.  If anyone can positively ID the species, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for looking!!

More Hummingbirds

Anyone that has tried to take photos of flying hummingbirds, knows that it can be a right pain in the ass.  But sometimes…the images are worth the effort..




Of course, it helps to have a variety of feeders around at the right level.  If the opportunities are there, and the birds are flying around…eventually you’ll get some decent shots.

Thanks for looking!

Must’a Been Fate

I went outside for a smoke a little while ago, and the sun was just going down.  For whatever reason, I grabbed my camera, even though there are no good landscape or sunset opportunities around my house.  Plus…I didn’t grab the tripod, so whatever I took would have to be with a flash.  But…I did see those creepy bugs last night, so…what the hell, right?

It was fate.  I know it was…


 I’ve tried to catch hummingbirds in flight many, many times.  Everytime, they have either darted off when I got within “range”, or the photos are not quite as sharp as I’d like.


I heard this odd buzzing sound behind as I smoked my cigarrette, and turned and saw 2 hummingbirds feeding from a very nearby feeder.  So I casually and carefully walked as close as I could until they flew off.


I waited until one of them got their nerve back and came over for a drink.  They both kept buzzing back to check it out, and eventually, they took turns flying in for a drink.


This little one decided to hang out, have some dinner, and let me snap some photos.  I was lucky enough to get within good “striking range”, and even though I had my flash on full power, he didn’t take off.  I got some decent pictures, too, I think.

 Anyhow…it must’a been fate what made me grab my camera…

Thanks for taking the time to look!!